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The Dreadnought!

This week I am working on a project by Jerry called “Dreadnought”. It will consist of 4 virtual machines to act as servers. ¬†This will be a combination of the LAMP stamp I have created before and some new things, such as MongoDB, HAProxy, Magento 2, and NodeBB. This is a work in progress and …


This week I will be learning about Docker and more containers! Containers are my favorite.  Create a safe virtual work environment where you can test and trash and then destroy and start over! So far my only experience with containers have been with LXC/LXD through Ubuntu.

Creating the site

I decided to create this page to keep a journal on the the things I am learning. I created a script to create this site from the ground up! My buddy Jerry is helping me on my new career, thank you Jerry.


I am an aspiring computer programmer learning bash, scripts, and system administration!

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Welcome to my blog